immigration law


By Pamela Tieu 25/08/2017

Australian migration law allows for many different types of visas all requiring specific criteria to be met to obtain that visa.

Knowing which visa is suitable for your situation and how you to meet the criteria properly is where the advice of our expert migration lawyers can help you.

Here are some common areas where we can provide assistance:

  • Skilled migration
  • Employer nomination visa
  • Business migration
  • Spouse and student visas
  • Family migration
  • Visa cancellations

We can help you or your family member assess your migration options to ensure application for a suitable visa. Or in the case where you need to appeal against the cancellation or rejection of a visa we can also offer advice.

Pamela is the Practice Director of T Lawyers Pty Ltd. Pamela graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology.