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Traffic Matters

The loss of a driver’s licence can impact on your employment, your family and your assets. Our Lawyers have extensive experience representing people charged with all types of traffic offences such as speeding, drink driving, unlicensed driving and negligent driving.

Our assessment and careful advice will help you in determining whether to plead guilty or contest the charge. If you decide to plead guilty, we will appear before the Court and make submissions on penalty and if you do not have any significant criminal or traffic history we will argue that a conviction should not be recorded. If you wish to challenge the allegations, then you will be strenuously defended by us, applying our extensive knowledge of the law and years of practical experience to give you the best chance of winning your case.

We can also help you apply for a ‘Restricted Licence’ or a ‘Special Hardship Licence’ depending on your circumstances.

Debt Recovery & Litigation

If you are looking to recover a debt for either personal or business reasons it is important to know your legal position.
Often, the longer you leave a debt that’s owing to you, the harder it becomes to recover that debt.

Our debt recovery lawyers will help provide you with assistance to understand your rights and help you take action to recover debt as quickly and simply as possible.

Wills & Estate

If you need to dispute a will or estate distribution let us help you achieve a fair outcome.

Our Wills & Estates Lawyers can help you:

  • Prepare or Update a Will
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Challenge a Will or Estate Distribution
  • Probate
  • Letters of Administration

When legal issues regarding wills and estates arise it is important you act quickly. Delaying to act could impact your chances to lodge a dispute.

Give us a call today to find out what your options are.

Criminal Law

If you or someone close to you has been charged with a criminal offence, you know what a traumatic difficult and embarrassing thing it is to go through. The only thing that can help you through this stressful time and reduce your anxiety is to have a team of lawyers who you know will give you the much needed legal advice and guidance.

From the most serious offences, where your freedom is at stake, to a public nuisance offence T Lawyers will help and support you as we fight for the best outcome for you.

Areas of law where our criminal lawyers can assist you include:

  • Assault Offences
  • Homicide Offences
  • Drug Offences
  • Piracy & Fraud Offences
  • Theft, Burglary and Stealing Offences
  • Traffic Offences
  • Traffic License Conditions (Arranging work and compassionate licenses)

Our lawyers will help you understand your position and advise you on the best options you have.


Australian migration law allows for many different types of visas all requiring specific criteria to be met to obtain that visa.

Knowing which visa is suitable for your situation and how you to meet the criteria properly is where the advice of our expert migration lawyers can help you.

Here are some common areas where we can provide assistance:

  • Skilled migration
  • Employer nomination visa
  • Business migration
  • Spouse and student visas
  • Family migration
  • Visa cancellations

We can help you or your family member assess your migration options to ensure application for a suitable visa. Or in the case where you need to appeal against the cancellation or rejection of a visa we can also offer advice.

Civil Litigation

There are many causes of workplace accident that may mean you are legally entitled to compensation. Understanding your rights and responsibilities in making a claim will ensure you don’t jeopardise your chances of a successful outcome.

Our lawyers can help with workplace accident cases from many causes including the following:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Traffic accidents (cars, vehicles, pedestrian etc.)
  • Criminal compensation claims
  • Accidents in public places (falls, assaults, schools, sports etc.)

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to compensation for your injury our lawyers will help advise you on your situation.

Family Law

T Lawyers knows that family law issues can be stressful. We will work with you to help you through challenging times.

From divorce and separation to child custody battles and spousal maintenance we can help you achieve a fair outcome.

Our family law services include:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Married and De Facto relationship Property Disputes
  • Parenting Orders
  • Child Support

We may also be able to help with international disputes. Please contact us for further information.

Commercial Business & Leases

Ensure your commercial leases contains terms which are fair and reasonable

Our commercial leasing services include:

  • Reviewing terms of a lease
  • Negotiating lease terms and conditions for landlord or lessee
  • Advising on the legal effects of the lease
  • Ensuring appropriate disclosures have been made
  • Advising on what a lease involves
  • Drafting commercial leases (for landlords)

Making a mistake with your commercial or business lease can not only be frustrating but very costly. It is highly recommended to always get a solicitor to check over your commercial lease or contract before you sign.

Our solicitors will make sure you know where you stand. We can then help you take the correct course of action if something needs to be amended.

In addition to reviewing leases for you we can also help negotiate new terms when necessary.


If you are purchasing or selling commercial or residential land our solicitors can help with your conveyancing.

As well as helping you sort out the paperwork we will do the necessary background searches on the property.

Our experienced solicitors will ensure you understand your position and complete all your legal obligations from receipt of contract through to setllement and post settlement tasks.

We help you make sure that you don’t pay any unnecessary fees while satisfying Federal, State and Local government requirements.

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