New Obligations of Tenants and Landlords During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

By Jenny Tran 09/04/2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has established itself as a worldwide health and economic pandemic. It has impacted every one of us in unprecedented ways from how we go about our daily lives to how we earn a living. During this incredibly difficult time, we at T Lawyers are consciously aware that our clients with […]


What is a “Carer’s Visa”? – Error made by the Department of Immigration

By Lotus Chan 05/02/2018

With healthcare and medicine so advanced in today’s society we are faced with an aging population. The life expectancy in Australia is now between 82 and 83 years old. So we are aging, and the problem is how do we care for the aging population. There simply will not be enough beds or staff in […]


Carer Visa – Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v Nguyen [2017] FCA FC 149

By Admin 04/10/2017

Congratulations to our Migration Team at T Lawyers for winning the Full Federal Court matter of Minter for Immigration and Boarder Protection v Nguyen [2017] FCA FC 149. A unanimous decision by their Honours, Flick, Barker and Rangiah JJ. Your dedication and efforts have helped 90 year old Ms Nguyen, an elderly woman in the […]


What is the Difference Between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common in Property Ownership?

By Pamela Tieu 21/09/2017

Have you ever heard of the terms “joint tenants” or “tenants in common” when looking to purchase a property jointly with another person? These two terms will most probably be encountered by you when you are purchasing a property with someone else. In Queensland, section 33 of the Property Law Act 1974 (Qld) governs the […]


Be Careful of the Traps in ‘Off the Plan Contracts’

By Cally Tam 11/09/2017

The prices for real property in the Queensland market is comparatively lower than the prices in other States in Australia, and therefore it is no surprise that there has been an increasing number of people interested in buying property in Queensland whether it be for investment or for personal use. Investors are not limited simply […]


Mother & Daughter’s Partners at War

By Pamela Tieu 11/08/2017

People are generally looking for love in their life but at times relationships can become complicated. Most people at some point in their lives may have been involved in a “complicated relationship” for example where it is difficult to describe their marital status. Love and relationships may sound like child’s play but it becomes an […]


iPhone Will Found Valid in Queensland Supreme Court

By Pamela Tieu

A Will is an important and powerful legal document and, for this reason, it must satisfy certain formal requirements: it must be a written document, signed at the foot by the person making the Will (the testator) in the presence of two adult witnesses, and signed by those witnesses. The logic behind such strict requirements […]


Binding Financial Agreement Fails for Millionaire Husband (Property Developer)

By Pamela Tieu 04/07/2017

Her Honour Justice Demack of the Family Court of Australia on 4 March 2015 handed down a decision that will affect many Australian Resident intending to marry overseas residents and purports to enter into a Binding Financial Agreement prior to getting marry. In Thorne & Kennedy [2015] FCCA 484 (4 March 2015), the applicant (Ms […]