Meet The Team

Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen

Paralegal (Migration)
Master of Arts (Linguistic)
NAATI Translator (Level 3)
Practising since 2006


Bachelor of Arts (Ho Chi Minh City University of Education); Master of Arts – Applied Linguistics (The University of Queensland)


Paralegal (Migration), NAAT Accredited Translator (Vietnamese Language)

Favourite thing about your job:

After 10 years, I’m still learning new things everyday

One fact no one knows about you:

I like Disneyland rides


Trang was one of thirty scholarship recipients for postgraduate courses sponsored by the University of Queensland in late 2000. She finished her course and was conferred a Master Degree in Applied Linguistics in 2002.

Trang is also a NAATI Accredited Translator of the Vietnamese Language (Professional Level).

Before Trang started working at T Lawyers, she worked as an interpreter and translator for MultiLink Community Services Inc., which would send her documents received from organizations such as Queensland Health, Queensland Education, Queensland Police, CentreLink that needed to be translated into English. She was also assigned the interpretation work at Logan Hospital, Child Safety, Queensland Police or Centrelink.

Trang was also a teacher aide at Springfield College as well as a volunteer teacher at Lac Hong Vietnamese Language School in West End.

One day in 2006, after Trang finished her interpretation job at Child Safety, Inala, she went to see her friend working at Sarina Russo. There, her friend asked if she was interested working for a law firm. Of course, Trang said yes, as working for a law firm was something she knew would utilise her communication and linguistic skills.

Trang started working full time at Butts and Barkley Solicitors (Inala) in 2006 as a receptionist and undertook training to become a migration paralegal. The law firm changed its name to T Lawyers in 2010 after it acquired and merged with Nguyen Lawyers.

Having been with T Lawyers for more than 10 years, Trang still loves her job due to T Lawyers driven and focused commitment on giving its client full disclosure, quality and professional service.

She is proud to be part of the T Lawyers history and even prouder to be one of the longest serving staff.