Meet The Team

Hoang-Anh Ho

Hoang-Anh Ho

Account Manager
B.Bus (Accounting)
Practising since 2010


Diploma of Teacher Training Course in Vietnam, Bachelor of Arts in Vietnam
Bachelor of Professional Accounting in Australia



Favourite thing about your job:

I enjoy how busy I am and I am able to work in a professional environment with the friendly and qualified colleagues

One fact no one knows about you:

I used to play as a libero in a volleyball team of the colleague in Vietnam.


Anh’s family and friends thought that teaching is her only dream but no one knows that when Anh was a little girl, she used to have an ambition to become an accountant working in a busy office in a skyscraper like in movies. She thought that girls in suit with glasses working with a computer, writing cheques and talking with clients on the phone are very cool.

Whilst Anh worked for Tuyet Nhi Company, which is T Lawyers Pty Ltd’s representative office in Vietnam, she proved herself to be diligent and hardworking. As such Anh received an offer to study Bachelor of Accounting in Australia, which would be fully sponsored financially by the company. It was a great opportunity that she knew ought to not pass. Therefore, on 9 January 2011, Anh arrived in Brisbane as an international student.

After her arrival, she started her accounting degree at Holmes Institute in Brisbane and worked part-time as an account assistant for Worldwide Tours and Travel. Her job in the travel agent not only helped her with her study but also helped her improve her English skills.

At the end of 2012, Anh graduated from Holmes Institute and in February 2013 she gained employment as an in-house accountant for T Lawyers Pty Ltd. T Lawyers Pty Ltd is an extremely busy law firm and here for the first time in her own words was when she truly experienced what is really “stress” and “pressure”.

Five years has made a big difference in Anh’s professional development. Nowadays she really enjoys her busy and stressful life. A public holiday or day away from the office now seems too mundane and lacks excitement.